Coden, AL 36523

Phone (251) 824-1776

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Open Wed Sun  9 to 5

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  1. This schedule has been designed to facilitate your training in the most expeditious manner possible.

  2. If you only require the annual requirements, those being Small Arms (SA) and Watch Stander Advanced (WSA) they are taught Monday through Thursday each week.

  3. If you require Ship's Reaction Force (SRF) it is taught Thursday through Saturday.

  4. If you require SA, SRF, and WSA you will receive the WSA on the following Monday.

  5. SA, SRF are taught Monday-Saturday.  Currently, WSA is taught on Monday and followed by, once in your career, Watch Stander Basic Tuesday and Wednesday.

  6. The above classes will be taught every week.  The exceptions will be the weeks of Christmas and New Year's.  We will be closed during both of those weeks.

  7. Classes may be coordinated by calling 251-824-1776.