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F.C.A.T. Facilities

MSC-For certification of Military Sealift Command Personnel, First Class Arms Training will conduct training at locations in close proximity to the ships. This saves your company the travel and per diem expense of sending students to other training facilities.

MSC-To date Military Sealift Command Personnel have been trained on the entire eastern seaboard from Boston, MA, to Cape Canaveral, FL, and the Gulf of Mexico from Tampa, FL, to Corpus Christi, TX. ranges and are comprised of both indoor and outdoor ranges.

NEWS: We are now stocked with shotguns, rifles and pistols and a goodly amount of all 3. We have a stock pile of the most commonly used ammunition. There are just a few we don't have yet. We also have reloading equipment and cold drinks.

MSC-For the Military Sealift Command (MSC), we have a 200-yard qualification course, which I'm sure is the only 200-yard qualification course being utilized. We also have a 35' tower with a manned boat 200 yards down range. The man and motor silhouettes consist of a 1" gong which gives an instant gratification report.

Our other addition is the completion of the wobble trap, which is currently being used by shotgun shooters. We have a knowledgeable young lady that pulls the clays on command and keeps score for you. The word on our wobble trap is getting out in a hurry as we have the only wobble trap in the area.

1-Jan-09  We have 4 ranges which are completed.  The Rifle range,
Shotgun range, MSC Quality Wobble Trap and the Pistol range, 100 yards
for both Handgun and Rifle.  The Hogans Ally, which will forever be
fluid and the 455 yard range with 4 each one inch thick steel targets, 
providing instant gratification.  We have a 35 foot control tower which has platform used to simulate firing from the bridge of a ships or the 3rd floor of a building. We
will not classify that as an additional range but it is a stand alone asset.

Scott has convinced me we need a true pistol range and we know where
it will be built.  We just need the time and right contractor to build
it.  Construction of the pistol range will require a lot of fill dirt
which will be excavated from the new pond which will be dug between
Hogan's Ally and the 455 Range.




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