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F.C.A.T. Course Descriptions


First of all training must be done in a safe manner! The training must be applicable to anticipated future scenarios. It must be done in repetition so that muscle memory and reflexes are programmed that can be recalled and implemented unconsciously in situations requiring action and hasty thinking. Some students gravitate, understand, and appreciate the message the first time. Others require a different explanation to grasp the principle. We will keep those thoughts in mind and accomplish the above prior to your leaving the courses we teach. Those we offer are: M14/M1A Specialized, .22 Rimfire Silhouette, Ladies Only, Military Rifle, Military Pistol/Military Shotgun, and Initial Firearms.

M14/M1A Specialized Training
This class consists of the M1A rifle, carrying case, cleaning kit, sling, approximately 400 rounds of ammunition, and three days of intense instruction. At the end of the three day course, the students will understand the capabilities of their new rifle, how to make tailor made rounds, and develop their marksmanship abilities to their fullest. Naturally you will learn to field strip and detail disassemble the weapon for cleaning and maintenance.
You will leave the course with knowledge specific to the rifle. And during the course you will attain the confidence gained from hands on range experience. Not for everyone but this package is tailor made for a select group of men and women.

.22 Rimfire Silhouette
This is probably the fastest growing competitive match that the NRA sponsors.

Ladies Only
The fastest growing group of new shooters is made of ladies. We tailor a course just for you.

Military Rifle
This course offers the student a thorough hands-on introduction to semi-automatic rifles.

Military Pistol / Military Shotgun
This course offers the student practical, hands-on training in pistol and shotgun shooting.

Self-Defense, Level 1
This course is an introductory course to the State Law 13A. Also covered will be the legal process after a shooting, techniques of making a statement, things to be aware of after the fight is over and how to receive the law enforcement officer. The history of handgun evolution, the 7 points of marksmanship, shooting golf balls, shooting large and small caliber revolvers and pistols, how to clean and maintain your firearms, safety, review and summary will complete the course.