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FCAT was
started in 1996 by Gary Mozingo in Mobile, Alabama. The first students were local security officers. Because Alabama and Mississippi have no stated codes for Security Guard training, Gary’s military credentials were reviewed and accepted by the nation's largest security company.

Enjoying the range, shooting, and pay for such activities was all the incentive required to try to do more of it.  Prospects were approached and the same questions kept coming up:

Is your company using NRA Law Enforcement qualified instructors?
During 2000, Gary attended and graduated from the NRA’s Law Enforcement Instructor Course taught at Mississippi’s Law Enforcement Academy, in Pearl, Mississippi. That helped to launch FCAT’s healthy increase in customers.

We require $1,000,000 liability coverage for its Arms instructors.
That was fulfilled through Lockton Insurance company.

We want our riflemen trained by an NRA L.E. Precision Rifle (Sniper) instructor.
That requirement was satisfied during July of 2001.

We want to buy our guns from the same company that trains our men.
FCAT received its FFL during Feb of 2002.

We have personnel to be trained in Florida.
The Florida K license was satisfied during September of 2002.

Our men and women can only be trained by Military Sealift Instructors
That requirement, after much work and a long time, was satisfied during November 2002.

We want our men trained by an instructor that is a certified to teach First Aid.
That was satisfied during 2003

We require certified M 14 Springfield Armory Armor instructors
That was accomplished during June 2003.

Realizing we need a range to round things out, the NRA’s Range Development and Operation Course was completed during October 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona.

People are requesting more and more action-style shooting courses
Action Target Instructor Certification received in March 2004


Other Certifications

Colt AR15, M16, M4, Rifle, Carbine, Sub-machine Gun Armorer's Course completed 26 January 06. NRA Automatic Weapons Select-Fire completed 31 January 06.

NRA  Automatic Weapons to (Select-Fire) was completed during 31 January 06.

Master Civilian Marksmanship completed January, 2010.

Shipboard Security Tactics completed March, 2010.

Baton completed March, 2010

Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Spray completed March 2010

Mechanical Advantage Control Holds completed March, 2010