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First Class Arms Training

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Coden, AL 36523

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Every manís dream is to earn a living doing something he enjoys. I enjoy shooting on the range almost as much as I do seeing the recognition and understanding of what Iím teaching realized in a studentís eyes.

I cling to and will not be dissuaded from the understanding that a manís actions, and not what he uses, is controlled by his intent. For clarification letís think about manipulating a screw through two boards, using a screwdriver. Is the screwdriver a dangerous tool? Surely not! However, if your intent is to cause bodily harm or grave bodily injury, a screwdriver can be used to obtain lethal results. The same holds true for a paring knife, knitting needles, baseball bat, automobile, crow bar, or 3-legged walker.

Millions of rounds are expended in the United States every year with only paper targets suffering impact. Hundreds of thousands are expended in pursuit of bagging game.

Training and practice make every shooter better, or at least maintain an achieved proficiency. I have attended many courses and had many certifications and I can assure you that I have stolen every idea I thought worthy to incorporate in my classes. I can make no person a better shooter; however, the techniques I teach are proven to help others achieve the degree of proficiency we all pursue.

While reading the different pages, I hope you understand my meaning and you see courses or items that interest you. Iím looking forward to enjoying the experience of shooting with you on the range.





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